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Our Story

Pure Escentials' story started out with passion and a lust for purpose. Looking for a meaningful hobby and a chance to go to Seoul, South Korea for a day, our founder, Farrah J, attended a soap-making workshop with a few friends back in March of 2013. As soon as they stepped foot into the kitchen, magic happened! 10 hours of mixing, sampling and experimenting with all sorts of aromas and herbs sparked her curiosity and ignited a new passion. 
Falling in love with the craft, she began to learn everything she could about soap. Farrah's research uncovered something surprising: that store-bought soap bars were quite harmful: filled with parabens, sulfates, and too many other chemicals that are hard to pronounce. And so came about the birth of Pure Escentials.
All of our skin care products are 100% vegan and handmade in house by us. Blending only natural essential oils, herbs, and other quality ingredients, our formulas are designed with your needs, and wants, in mind. Our Founder and Lead Soap Artist, Farrah J, is currently being certified in natural holistic remedies, so you can be sure that each combination has been carefully researched and combined in the most beneficial way possible for your skin. Serving your skin's essential needs and delivering safe, luxurious, and skin pleasing products are at the hear of our values. 
In addition, ensuring we remain socially responsible is at the core of our mission. To do that, we:
  • Use packaging that is made from recycled, biodegradable, or recyclable materials
  • Craft our accesories (soap dishes, washcloths, etc.) from recyclable, sustainable, and upcycled materials
  • Use our products as a means to empower women locally and globally. Through direct sales partnerships and job training, we are providing women a vehicle for financial independence, allowing them to create the lives they desire, one bathing experience at a time.
Started in South Korea, based in South Florida; spreading love, peace, and light through our soaps around the world!
We thank you for your support!